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Manufacturers Factories Creators

SEO and Digital Marketing for Manufacturers, Factories, Creators

If you make a good product in bulk and wish to reach sellers, franchise seekers, distributors through online marketing we have the exact solutions for your needs. NewDelhiSEO has proven success in such cases in both domestic and international markets. Let’s discuss how we can improve your global sales by bringing in qualified, high conversion leads from your target market. 

No digital marketing agency can promote your interests successfully unless they understand three important things.

1. What do you offer and what is so good about them.
NewDelhiSEO identifies your USP utilizes that to sell your products by convincing prospective buyers to switch to your brand and its offerings. We do this by understanding what you make, how you make it and who are the right buyers for that product. If you do not have a clear USP we help you identify it and re-present it properly in the market to be able to get the best sales.

2. Who are your competitors and what is the competition like?
Any digital marketing agency that gives you an offer based on a 10 keyword package should be avoided. We analyze your competition before we even offer you a quotation. It is vitally important to understand the competition in organic search and in paid advertisement channels. Competition determines the budget required for a successful digital marketing campaign and failure to identify the competition ends up with a fiasco in SEO / PPC campaign ultimately. 

3. Whom to target and a what strategy to use?
When dealing with manufacturers and factories we identify the right audience by brainstorming with the product managers and business leaders. A manufacturer does not always want to sell directly and seek e-commerce and retail sales SEO because they need to co-exist with distributors and sellers. So its often important to reach out to more distributors and sellers who do the final selling of the product. NewDelhi SEO agency achieves this by mining the right keywords, creating the right content and proposing deals and offers suitable for the sellers and distributors.


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