Medical Engineering Scientific Research
Medical Engineering Scientific Research

Digital marketing (SEO, PPC, CRO, SMO) for Medical, Engineering, Scientific Research companies

With satisfied clients in Healthcare/Medicine, Engineering, Instrumentation, Advanced scientific research products & we have proved our efficiency in these industries by improving sales in targeted segments effectively. Our SEO strategies, relevant resources and quality content for these industries have helped us achieve excellent results in shorter time spans.

Your Requirement: To beat Local / Global competition in technical products and services sales online & to generate more sales or leads.

Our Solution: Leverage your USP correctly to get ahead of the competition and make the best use of SEO optimized website and advanced User Experience to beat competitors in the target market.

Sample Case Study: Interterra Medical Technologies

Interterra had been using the services of an SEO agency in the USA who were effective yet very costly and they switched to an Indian web-development and SEO company. Within a few months, they not only lost their organic ranking but they also got hacked. As a result of the hacking and cheap SEO practices, they had incurred a moderate penalty too. They had a unique medical offering that involves huge investments (over 5 crores) and high running costs. So, more qualified leads were immediately required to keep them in business.

We discuss the situation with the business leaders. After taking over the website and cleaning it up we restored it on a better server and optimized it correctly with the right keywords to bring them qualified leads. We leveraged their USP (painless cancer treatment) and cheaper cost compared to competitors to get leads from India and abroad. We are one of the most respected and known radiation oncology experts in India today. We provide them end-to-end digital marketing support starting from designing, development to SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimization. 

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