Facebooker Be Warned – Your Privacy is in Geopardy

Facebooking is now a stronger addiction than the worst narcotics. Half of the business owners have banned Facebooking form offices citing plunging productivity reasons. But it has its own benefits and that is why its the new phenomenon on web. A phenomenon strong enough to challenge Google in online marketing arena. The current King of Social Media.


facebook-danger-privacyIf you are reading this I will take you as a Facebooker – one who has a facebook account spends more than 10 hours on facebook a month. With this post I am attempting to highlight some hidden dangers to which Facebook users could be prone to. The major concern is Scoial Security. But I wont be bragging about parental guidance and online stalking. I feel the online stalkers and child predators should be shot in the head and dumped in land fills.

So what Dangers await me on Facebook?

Privacy Settings – A farce on Facebook.

Facebook redesigns its site a few times a year. Everytime the privacy settings go back to default values where everything you put on facebook is accessible by third parties.Facebook does notify of these changes but not many people respond to it instantly. By the time you do respond and change the settings (which get complex with each update) it could have been too late.

Who see your information?

If you thought only your Email Id or profile info is being shared with third parties then you are grossly mistaken. Even your updates and comments on friends activities are being shared. Facebook has even introduced a new feature called OpenGraph where they plan to track every silly thing you do and share the information with advertisers in the disguise of giving us a personal experience. Facebook has now become a great source of information for spammers to find targeted data about real people and then spam bomb them with offers.

Security Loopholes

Almost every week a new security hole is being found on the site. We understand that its a growing site has a lot to learn and implement. Just a few days ago TechCrunch reported error where a user could access his friends chat. Experts are of opinion that this vulnerability could have existed for a long time now.

It has become so chronic that some hackers are offering 1.5 million facebook accounts with passwords in the hackers and spammers underground. Though facebook did a good job on it and declared the claim as dud. But the fact still remains that even though not in millions but hackers do have real account information in thousands. More here on verisign.

Quality of Ads and Apps and Games

I have to say I am sick of the Facebook apps policy and scrutiny. They allow third parties to create apps that can help other parties create more apps easily. This way they loose total control of where things are going. I was personally pissed off with one such app…kal Kya Goga. It was publicly slandering me when I was not even using using that app. One of my friends had subscribed to it and it was pulling information about me as well. So we really don’t know what the social games like Farmville and mafia wars are gathering about us and our friends. I had reported about Zynga’s (creators of farmville and mafiawars) murky past sometime last year. It was eventually hushed up.

It has now come to light that some of the ads being displayed as banner ads on Facebook are loaded with virus. Recently one of the ads that claimed to be antivirus program was actually uploading viruses. Even Farmtown has been known to have been laced with malicious codes. FYI farmtown game on Facebook has about 10 million users.



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