5 hilariously outrageous things small business owners ask their IT consultants

Based on our experience with clients (primarily Indian clients) we have listed below some funny yet annoying things new clients tell us when negotiating projects or paying for after sales services. Please take this in a positive spirit.

  1. Why do you charge for this open source software?
    NO we do NOT charge you for any open source software. We charge you to install, customize, add features, host and maintain that software service. Well, since it OPEN SOURCE and FREE anyone could do the job, then try asking your gardener / plumber / electrician or the "engineer" who fixes your computer.

  2. I have a small budget but can you get me all the features I see on other Million Dollar websites? 
    We do an excellent work in the provided budget. So if you compare the cost-effective index we will beat most of the big names in web-development industry. But we certainly cannot give you Pastries at the cost of peanuts. We can try and give you roasted and salted peanuts, but pastries are out of question. There are instances when clients have asked us to develop a dynamic website for 5000 and latter expect us to add 50 pages to the website with pictures, code special features ask us to train them how to use wordpress and finally expect us to support the website for ever. When things go bad they tell us.

  3. Will you not make changes to the website whenever we require? Why should I pay for it?
    Absolutely, we will provide you all support and maintenance. But that is subject to a deadline that is agreeable to our schedule. If you need instant support or priority scheduling of a task it will be charged at a higher rate. Also, we would like you to understand that support is not free.? If buy a car for $100,000, does your car dealer give your free service forever? Similarly after the duration of free service we charge per hour of support.

  4. The other company charges less for the same service
    This is very rude to compare rates without comparing services. A simple commodity like sugar is sold in the market at different prices. Better quality comes at a higher price, negotiating with price is negotiating with quality. That is a very bad trait in Indian markets which gives us a bad name abroad. It is good to compares rates. Yes, you deserve to get the best rate for something you wish to buy. But if you blindly compare rates you will end of being cheated and you will be left with a services / product that will be of poor quality and will do you no good. Worse still, you may lose more than you paid for. E.g We have had client who refused our services and settled for cheaper alternatives (like make websites for 5000 Rs). Finally they wasted lakhs in vain trying to market their product online and disbanded. In the process the only conversion they made was ? converting friends into enemies.

  5. Give us a discount on this project as this is going to be a long-term association and we are going to give you countless projects in future
    That is a beautiful gesture and it is natural for us to seek benefits out of long term relations. But this does not reduce our expenses at any cost.And giving you a discount based on a future expectation is not a very practical thing to do in today’s competitive atmosphere.


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