Real Time Search War and its effect on SEO

Twitter announced on its blog about its association with Microsoft and Google in Real time search. So finally the deal is through and we shall see search results that are actually live in coming days. The stupefying amounts of status updates that traverse the twitter-scape every second are important because of their real time information content. (I am not sure if “RIP Kayne West” was information) Gathering information out of what people are talking about right now is the next big thing in search technology. No doubt Google and Bing are taking it on high priority.


Google’s Cofounder popped up at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco to announce the deal just a day after Microsoft’s Vice President for Search products did the same. Many industry experts had raised questions about Twitter’s business models and some even went on to predict that Twitter would die by 2011. Twitter now justifies the Billion dollar valuation with the two biggest search technology companies fighting for an association.


Indexing of web content takes time and with trillion plus pages on web already even feels the need for twitter feed that are live. Same goes true for Facebook. Facebook snubbed Google to make status feeds form its public profiles available for live search through Bing. Facebook has around 300 millions users that are 10 times more than twitter. Microsoft is already leading the race against Google. Microsoft’s Bing is ready with a standalone service to search Twitter. The search interface is definitely attractive and more informative than twitter, where the information is duplicated and advertisers spam the keywords. Google’s shot at fame is to be available in a couple of months.


With Social Media redefining the Search technology, SEOs and SMOs need to rethink and re-plan their strategies. Will Social media kill SEO? We shall be glad to hear your say over this though. Please feel free to comment.


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