Solution: Wordpress Categories and Tags missing bug

Recently I faced this situation on my personal blog. I just posted a new article and I was shocked to find all the categories and tags gone. All my posts were there but the categories and tags and even links were all gone. Actually they did exist in the wordpress database but were not being associated with the posts.


As a result my blog home page, that calls post in different category blocks was blank. I was facing the dark prospect of re creating all posts and loosing backlinks as my permalink settings involve categories as well. But then my luck I found a solution to the issue.


We just need to get back the category-post-tags relation so this smart bit of SQL code does it for us. You need to go to your database manager software (phpmyadmin or whatever you use) go to the SQL query section and execute this code.


UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy,wp_terms SET wp_term_taxonomy.description = WHERE wp_term_taxonomy.term_id = wp_terms.term_id

If this does not help you or your categories are all actually gone then you might try contacting your host and ask them if they have a backup of the databases. This would only work if you have a backup generated or if your host did an autoback for your before the problem of missing categories and tags cropped up.


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